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Single and Ready for Mr. Right?

Apr 06, 2021

Can You Relate?

You are single, and have the thought process, “When I find the perfect man, my life is going to be complete, and I am finally going to be very happy!”

Well there are two problems with that mindset. Firstly, have you ever heard the saying, “Opposites attract?” Well, that might be true for magnets, but when it comes to the mind and human behavior, this statement is more true, “Like attracts like.”

What that means is that if you are miserable and unhappy now, what you are going to attract is Mr. Miserable, Mr. Unhappy, and probably Mr. Drama.

A Better Plan on Finding Mr. Right

The second problem is the thought process that the only thing that needs to change is for you to have a wonderful man in your life, because that is the only problem. Well, let’s follow that thought process. Let’s say you meet this handsome, financially stable, and beautiful man. 

Here’s a question. What are you going to do, when you start to get close to this wonderful man, and somehow you both get into an argument? What are you going to do when his words and/or behavior make you feel put down? What are you going to do when his actions really bother you? What are you going to say to him?

The answer is this. You are going to do, and you are going to say exactly what you have done and said in previous relationships. And ultimately, the result is going to be the same as the outcomes you have had in your previous relationships. It is predictable what you are going to say and/or do, based on this principle: people do what they know and what they have learned.

Isn’t it a better strategy to take control of your happiness now? Isn’t it a better plan to increase your chance of having a lasting, successful relationship by learning how to be happy now? Since “like attracts like,” isn’t it better for you to be happy with you, so you can attract Mr. Wonderful who is secured and happy with himself? Isn’t it a better deal to invest in your personal development, so that you can learn the communication, conflict resolution and intimacy skills necessary to have the kind of relationship you desire? Click here for FREE e-book on how to be happy.

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